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The ifa Academy has been part of the Kolping Bildungswerk Württemberg e.V. in Stuttgart since January 1st, 2020.

ifa-Akademie: “Home of language learning” Immerse yourself in a language and experience it together! High standards and quality ensure the best possible result for our participant.

The ifa Academy is an institution in the heart of Stuttgart. We are looking forward to welcoming you soon!


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Kolping Bildungswerk Württemberg e.V.

The Kolping Bildungswerk Württemberg e.V. stands nationwide for the highest level of acceptance and quality

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Kolping-Bildungswerk Württemberg e.V. is one of the foremost educational institutions in Southwest Germany. On 40 locations in 25 cities we educate approximately 15.000 students. More than 120 schools approved by the statelead our students to graduation und offer 2.500 new students a year a place. Our teaching staff is comprised of 1500 highly educated employees.

In accordance with the vision of Adolph Kolping our goal is to enable people striving for knowledge.

„Was der Mensch aus sich macht, das ist er“ – Adolph Kolping

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For whom is Kolping Sprachschule suitable?

The Kolping language school is your competent partner for language courses in Stuttgart and across national borders.

Our language courses are open for everybody.

Our team at ifa serves 4500 participants a year. ifa Akademie prepares you for all standard language tests and is a recognized institution for further education.

Kolping Sprachschule, ifa Akademie: Student learns for DeuFöV

What are school offers?

Sprach- und Integrationszentrum (SPIZ) offers young people from all over the world to achive a Certificate of Secondary Education (CSE).

For students between the age of 15 and 20 we offer the chance to achieve the certificate of Secondary Education (CSE) in one of our VAB classes.

Students with little or no German language skills we offer the VABO classes where we prepare them for the VAB classes or future employment.

Prospective students over the age of 20 can reach the certificate of Secondary Education (CSE) as an external participant.

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Alumni recount their experience

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The teachers were very good and supportive, also very nice. I learned a lot in a short time and also made friends in class. We had fun in class. The lessons were great fun and I learned a lot of German quickly.

Archana T.

Positive: price-performance ratio!

Mushtariybegim K.

Before starting my studies at the University of Stuttgart, I went to an intensive course in the city of Cologne for 4 months, which was a fantastic time in my life. In Stuttgart I was no longer able to attend an intensive course parallel to my university courses, so I found a weekend course for people like me who don’t have time on weekdays. The teacher was very active and motivating, I will continue to learn German here in the weekend course at IFA.

Iman F.

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