General terms and
conditions (AGB)

of Kolping Berufsbildung gGmbH (ifa-akademie)

1. Registration

By registering for a course and the subsequent confirmation of registration by Kolping Berufsbildung gGmbH the participant accepts the formation of contract between the participant and Kolping Berufsbildung gGmbH.

Registration can be done in person at the office at Charlottenplatz 17, 70173, online at, by phone at 0711-22964990 or by email at

By registering the participant commits to pay the course fee in full before the course starts. A payment by installments has to be agreed in writing by Kolping Berufsbildung gGmbH. The first installment including the administration fee is payable before the course starts.

Every course booking incurs an administration fee of 30,00 Euro (amount in words: thirty Euro).

Methods of payment: bank transfer (stating the invoice number), Likewise, payment can be made on site in cash, by EC card or credit card (additional 3.8% fee) at our office at Charlottenplatz 17, 70173 Stuttgart.

Kolping Berufsbildung gGmbH isThis does not apply to offers that are provided by a cooperation partner and that we have expressly indicated at the time of registration. only obligated to start a course if the course fee is payed punctually and the course has the minimum number of participants. If the minimum number of participants is not reached before the starting date of the course Kolping Berufsbildung gGmbH can postpone the course or cancel the course.

Standard courses: one lesson amounts to 45 minutes. The choice of course location lies in the responsibility of the head teacher of ifa. The participant is not entitled to demand a specific course location.

In case of force majeure including a pandemic outbreak/situation Kolping Berufsbildung gGmbH can change all courses from in-person courses to distance-learning courses depending on the legislation issued by the government. The participant already assures today that he is either already in possession of the devices necessary to take part in distance learning classes or willing to acquire it when the necessity arises. Kolping Berufsbildung gGmbH has no obligation to meet costs.

Our teaching staff is not authorized to accept registrations, cancellations or rebookings.

We advise you to register in time, since the courses are booked out soon. Knowing the latin script is a prerequisite. Minimum age is 16 years.

By registering, you agree to the general terms and conditions.

This does not apply to offers that are provided by a cooperation partner and that we have expressly indicated at the time of registration.

2. course objectives

Kolping Berufsbildung gGmbH commits to employ qualified instructors to conduct the language courses. The participant is not entitled to demand a specific instructor in the language course.

Kolping Berufsbildung gGmbH always strives to design the content of the language course according to the standards required by the language level. We do not take responsibilty for failed exams or if a certain language level is not reached.

3. Cancellation and rebooking by participants, refund of course fees

Participants book a course for a pre-determined period of time or a pre-agreed number of units in individual courses.

You can cancel or rebook your course during cancellation period.

Deadlines are


• all courses 14 days after the booking date. If a course is booked less than 14 days before the course is scheduled to start, the course cannot be cancelled.

exception: visa rejection: cancellation of 2 courses free of charge (the rejection letter must be submitted within 5 days via e-mail to


– all courses: 14 days before the starting day of the course.

exceptions: visa delays (written proof required), health reasons (written proof required)

A course can be postponed twice (2) within the deadline without giving reasons. After the deadline the course cannot be postponed.

Postponment after the deadline incurs an administration fee of 30,00 Euro.

Cancellation or rebooking is not possible after the cancellation period. The entire amount is due then.

4. placement test

If you want to register for an intensive course, it is advisable to pass a placement test from level A2 on.

Placement tests:

If you have already finished an intensive course at our school and have registered for the follow-up course, the successful completion of the first course is mandatory for the follow-up course on a higher level.

5. single lessons

The participant is in charge of the number of units. Booking a certain amount of units is mandatory. The participant can not demand a partial reimbursement for units he will not be able to attend in the future.

Having booked single lessons, the participant is in charge of the dates and course times which can be scheduled either with Kolping Berufsbildung gGmbH or directly with the instructor.

If a scheduled lesson date cannot be met by the participant, the date has to be cancelled until 8pm the day before. If there is a weekend or bank holiday, the participant has to cancel on the last working day of the week before the scheduled lesson. Dates can be postponed. If an scheduled appointment is cancelled too late or not at all there is no claim to reschedule the missed lessons.

Booked lessons have to be taken within a year of invoicing. If the year after invoicing has passed, the claim to the lessons expires. Kolping Berufsbildung gGmbH will not refund expired lessons.

Lessons which were already paid cannot be transferred to a third party.

6.Compulsory attendance

Attendance in our courses is compulsory. After completing the course, participants receive a certificate of attendance. The certificate of attendance contains the annotation “completed successfully” if the participant has not missed more than 20% of lessons without notice. Our instructors are obligated to keep record with attendance lists. This can also be done electronically.

7.Cancellation of Courses by Kolping Berufsbildung gGmbH

Course dates are scheduled by Kolping Berufsbildung gGmbH.

A course can only take place with a minimum number of 7 participants. If the number of participants is not met Kolping Berufsbildung gGmbH reserves the right to cancel the course. In the event of cancellation by Kolping Berufsbildung gGmbH, the participants will receive the information in a timely fashion.

If a course is cancelled by Kolping Berufsbildung gGmbH, participants will be fully refunded.

It is possible for participants to book a follow-up course after completing a course. Every course has to be booked separately. Without a binding booking, participants have no claim to a place in a course.

8. Visa

After having received the course fee in one of the accounts of Kolping Berufsbildung gGmbH, we will provide the participant with the preliminary documents demanded by the consulate. If you cancel the course we will inform the consulate and the immigration authority.

9. Bank holidays

Courses do not take place on bank holidays in Germany or Baden-Württemberg. Missed course units are already incorporated in the total course duration.

10. Protection of Data Privacy

The participant agrees to the electronic collection and handling of his/her private data by Kolping Berufsbildung gGmbH for the proper execution of registration, invoicing and certification of accomplished courses.

Your data will not be used for other purposes or shared with other providers. Your data will not be shared with other providers.

Private data will be stored with Kolping Berufsbildung gGmbH for a period of 10 years. During this period you are entitled to receive copies of your certificates of attendance, confirmations of registration and invoices. After 10 years this rule does not apply anymore.

Participants have the right to veto further archiving of their data after their course has ended. The participant is then responsible for providing proof of attendance, registration and invoicing.

11. Seat of jurisdiction

Place of jurisdiction is Stuttgart. German law applies for all contractual matters.

12. Additional legislation

German law applies on this contract to the exclusion of UN sales law. BGB applies subject to the aforementioned legislation.

The aforementioned agreement reflect any and all agreements by all parties concerned. There are no oral subsidiary agreements Changing or amending this agreement needs to be put in writing if no actuary is required.

If one of the clauses in this contract is not feasible or ineffective the rest of the contract remains untouched. In such a case all parties concerned will commit themselves to a feasible and effective regulation which ressembles the original but not feasible regulation. This also applies to any breaches of regulation.